Much of the work we do to support others in our community and around the world is coordinated by our Outreach and Stewardship Committees.

Locally we have provided significant support in 2021 for:

Chez Doris - women's centre and residence in Montreal

Dans La Rue - support for "street youth" in Montreal

Roxboro Food Bank (West Island Assistance) - food for the hungry in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Welcome Hall Mission - food and lodging for the homeless in Montreal

West Island Women's Shelter - support for abused women on the West Island

Further from home we have committed to supporting organisations like:

Canadian Lutheran World Relief - international aid and development,

including emergencies

Lutherlyn Camp and Conference Centre - residential camping in Ottawa Valley for all ages

Martin Luther University College - training for pastors and community leaders in Waterloo ON

See our Links page or look any of them up on-line to find out more about these outstanding organisations and the service they provide.